Thursday, January 21, 2016

Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance that is illegal under federal law in the United States. The argument for whether it should legalized for medical or recreational use is very controversial. It is in fact such a large argumentative subject that it is often compared to prohibition of the 1920’s. Just like any subject,  people have views that differ from each other. Many people already agree with federal law that states marijuana is illegal in all of its many forms. Many people also want weed to be legal for medical and recreational use. The legalization of marijuana could potentially have more positive affects than the negatives of keeping it illegal.
The first few years of marijuana legalization in the states of Colorado, Washington, and Oregon proved to have a positive start to the legal marijuana industry. Legalization helped these states in several ways with the collected tax revenues. In just the first year in Washington they garnered 83 million tax dollars from marijuana sales. 77 percent of people in Washington claim that the passed law has a positive or no impact on their lives(21 and older). In Colorado the numbers are just as staggering. They have seen a 10.1% decrease in violent crime rate in Denver alone. The state estimated that 40 million dollars will be saved from not having to process as many marijuana convictions.
          All of these statistics are positive numbers for the future of the marijuana industry. They all also lead to the claim that having marijuana legalized is more beneficial to an economy than keeping it out lawed. The generated tax dollars are distributed to have the greatest impact possible for the communities. Colorado has invested a large amount of marijuana tax dollars into school and other public facilities. All of the states have seen a crime rate drop since the start of 2014.
There are many reason why many people do not weed to be legalized. A large issue is that it is exposed to children at a younger age with it being legal. This also leads to them being more susceptible to becoming an avid user. People also do not want more people to become an avid user. Therefore keeping it illegal is an easy way to do that. In the first year of a stat legalising marijuana they see a very large spike in the use of marijuana. After the fact of the initial lunch numbers will decrease over time. Another point is marijuana does not meet the standards of medicine. Marijuana is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration so it is an unregulated substance. For a drug approval certain factors have to be put in place. Doses and quantity have to be established along with several other variables. For this reason it makes it hard for people to be accepting of marijuana as “medicine” when it is still mostly completely unregulated.
It is very understandable that citizens would not want marijuana legalized if it was going to put their children at risk. The way I look at it is, would you rather have of age adults buying it from a store which is generating tax revenue or anyone buying from the still thriving black market. If people really wanted to end marijuana issues they would want it to be legalized to help hinder the war on drugs and black market sales. People assume that if pot becomes legal then it will impact their life greatly. If you choose to have it not effect you then chances are that you’ll stay away from it. Sure it means you’re neighbor could be smoking in front of you but how much is that really going to impact you.  
Since Marijuana has been legalized it has shown positive numbers in its entirety. I believe that because of this marijuana has not had a negative impact. Until the numbers begin to show that it is immaterial to the growth of an economy then it will be a negative.  

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mac Millers newest album release ‘GO:OD AM’  is considerably his best work yet. In this album you can see just how his life experiences have changed him and impacted him over the years since earlier albums such as ‘Blue Slide Park’(2009). He is no longer this eighteen year old kid who raps about partying and smoking dope. Throughout the album you can pick up on the lines in which Mac gives insight on the low points of his life that have shaped him to be the rapper that he has become. In the first verse of the opening song ‘Doors’ we hear the line “Ain’t sayin that I’m sober, I’m just in a better place/ I’m on my way over”.
The majority of the beats on the album are uplifting tunes with a jazzy style to them. His lyrics contain tributes from friends he has lost, to depression and the help of his loved ones. This is the first album that we see him matured in the sense of the type of effort that he put into something. Pitchfork's album review of ‘GO:OD AM’ said it was “His most refined and well put-together project.”(para 2) which is a good jump for Mac Miller. He had not put all the pieces together to make a solid all the way around album. This could be in part with this being his first album that he played a large hand in producing.
Over all this is a great piece of work from Mac Miller. It has a little bit of everything that artist alike have. For that reason it is an appealing playlist for the fan base of artist who work with Mac. He works with artist such as Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, as well as Ab Soul. ‘GO:OOD AM’ is the type of good bounce back that Mac Miller needed after a rough patch in his life. Anyone who enjoys Mac Miller can  say that he succeeded in creating a great piece of work.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Panera Bread 
The experience that I had at Panera was not quite like the one I was expecting. I was expecting to have a great visit with a good meal and a good dessert. I wouldn’t exactly say that my expectations were filled but I felt merely satisfied with my dining experience when it was all said and done. There were a few problems with the choices of food today at Panera. Normally they have a menu with many choices and different combinations that you can make. Today was not a normal day for a Panera Bread experience. They happen to run out of pasta for the entire restaurant. This was a disappointment since a large part of their menu is pasta based dishes. It also just happen to be that I was looking for a meal with pasta due to the fact that I'm not that big on cold cut  sandwiches. Sandwiches make up another large portion of the menu for Panera. Most sandwiches are accompanied by soups or salads. My meal today wasn’t what I was looking for. I ended up ordering a grilled cheese with potato chips and a cookie. I personally would have rather have stayed home and made that meal myself while also saving myself a trip. The food looked pleasing to the eye but did not taste any better than a grilled cheese from anywhere else. The chips were just your mediocre kettle cooked chips. The cookie was massive but tasted stale because it probably sat out all day. I also tried a spoon full of their tomato soup which was very delicious. Aside from the food being just alright the rest of the establishment is well maintained. Everything was clean and well organized, as well as the merchandising of breads and pastries. The service was great with there being no hiccups in that area of the experience. Overall Panera Bread is nothing outstanding but my review of the restaurant is limited since I couldn't get any dishes that I was looking to  acquire.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Problem Statement- There is an abundance of controversy in trying to determine who the greatest Quarterback of all time is. Some of this controversy is formed because of bias' and other is formed off of which statistics are the most important. When career starting statistics are averaged over a 16-game span it levels the playing field and gives the best indication as to which players have been, statistically, the best of all-time.(nflspinzone para. 5) Career  averages are not the only factor in determining who the greatest QB is. Game situations should count for something.(espn.go) Milestones are another statistic that is not commonly used when determining the best QB. The QBR formula takes into account down, distance, field position, time remaining, rushing, passing sacks, fumbles, interceptions, how far each pass travels in the air, from where on the field the ball was thrown, yards after the catch, dropped balls, defensed balls, whether the quarterback was hit, whether he threw away the ball to avoid a sack, whether the pass was thrown accurately. (espn.go)

Research Question- Can statistics determine who the greatest quarterback of all time is? Who is the greatest? If you can not find out who the best quarterback is from statistics than how else can you.

Data Collection-  The most important aspect of determining who the best quarterback is, is which statistics you use for analysis. In order to have the most accurate results I will need to use the most reliable statistic. This statistic is the Quarterback Passing Rating.  A statistic that attempts to determine the overall performance of a quarterback. The rating is made up of a series of calculations that take into account the number of completions, attempts, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions that a quarterback has recorded. The highest possible rating an NFL quarterback can have is 158.3; the lowest possible rating is 0. There are other achievements that I will also be taking into consideration. This statistic will be postseason achievements. It’ll include the win/loss percentage and other stats such as Super Bowl wins.

Data analysis:

Career Average Passer Ratings
  1. Aaron Rodgers - 105.1
  2. Russell Wilson - 99.5
  3. Tony Romo - 97.1
  4. Steve Young - 96.8
  5. Tom Brady - 96.5
These are the top Career Average Passer Ratings. These statistics take into account every pass that these five quarterbacks have thrown in their entire career. The passer ratings do not take in for account of postseason statistics. This is where I believe that the greatest quarterback ever is distinguished from the rest. Aaron Rodgers has one Superbowl win with one Superbowl MVP. As well as four Probowls.  Russell Wilson has one Superbowl victory with two Probowls. Tony Romo has four Probowls. Steve Young has seven Probowls along with three Superbowl wins and one Superbowl MVP. Tom Brady has four Superbowl victories. Three Superbowl MVP’s and ten Probowls.

Findings: The findings should not be surprising to anyone who knows anything about the history of football. The top five Career Passer Rating placeholders are all great quarterbacks. They have all received a very high career passer rating average and are all elite NFL quarterbacks. The only difference in the five are their post-season achievements. Thier post-season achievements can separate them  very accurately. The most  prestigious NFL quarterback of all time is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. Not only does he have the best post-season statistics but he also has a very high passer rating that is only improving. The position of the greatest of all time was a close battle for Tom Brady and Steve Young. They are both outstanding quarterbacks but Brady has the edge for his several more post season achievements. The answer to my question is yes, Statistics can determine who the greatest quarterback is. That quarterback is Tom Brady. TB12.

Discussion: There will always be controversy around who the greatest QB is. That is just something you can not avoid in the world of sports.  People may think that certain stats don't matter or some are more important than others, but this does not always mean a different outcome. There are around a dozen men who are considerably the best quarterback of all time.  Some of these men are not considered when it comes to the average career passer ratings. This could be seen as a flaw in my system but I do not see it as an issue.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Education: The Ocean

 1. The Ocean Portal Team. "The Deep Sea." Smithsonian. Smithsonian, n.d. Web.
This article provides basic facts and knowledge of deep sea life. The article is split into main parts that consist of the topics, Diversity, Research & Exploration, Scientist and Tools & Technologies. In each of the main topics, it introduces you to the subject with various facts.  
- The credibility for the authors is that they work for the Smithsonian and they are respectable. 
- The object of this work is to introduce the main topics for deep sea life and various ways of how deep sea life is studied. 
- The sources are all of the resources that the Smithsonian has. 
- There is not a driving question but, the main idea is that the deep sea life is essentially untouched. 
- The tone is encouraging, the authors want to get the reader interested in learning about the ocean. 
- Personally I enjoyed reading the work because it held my attention and made me want to read more. 
2. Jane J. Lee  November 25, 2014, "Rare Black Sea Devil Caught on Film for the First Time." National Geographic. National Geographic Society, 25 Nov. 2014. Web. 31 Oct. 2015. 
- This article asses the process of the first live film capture of a female Black Sea Devil. You are provided background information of the fish and taken through the process of capturing the fish. The author then explains how well adapted the fish has become to its harsh climate. The author also gives you examples of how the fish is living in captivity. 
- Credibility goes to researches of National Geographic who created the article. 
- The goal of the  article is to give the consumer all of the information about the Black Sea Devil. 
- This article has several sources from the various researchers that helped in the capture of the fish. 
- The thesis is, how will the fish survive in a tank and how can scientist further study the animal in captivity. 
- Tone. The tone is enthusiastic since they were ecstatic that they finally captured this type of fish. 
- This article was beneficial to read for myself since I acquired new information. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A wide angle view of the Norton Reservoir at sun set. 

Autumn is in full effect on the water.   

Cat Tails harvesting on the waters edge. 

Calm water after a light shower of rain. 

The trees line the water with autumnal colors. 

Dark skies corresponding with dark waters. 

A pickerel caught mid day in Spring. 

Thin ice melts in early March. 

From every angle you are greeted with gray skies and Autumn trees.